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5 Costly Courier Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

5 Costly Courier Mistakes

At Essential Couriers we know that nobody likes to pay more than they have to, so we want you to know how to avoid costly mistakes in booking your same-day deliveries.

MISTAKE #1: Overestimating
If you require delivery by 5:00, scheduling it for noon can increase your cost by 30-40%. Choose the service level that’s right for the job.

At Essential Couriers, we have four levels of service:

  • Economy – delivery within 6 hours if the order is placed by 10 a.m.
  • Regular – 4 hours from the time the order is placed
  • Rush – 2 hours from the time the order is placed
  • Direct – We send the closest driver to the pick-up location and delivery is made with no stops in between.

We’re great “guesstimators,” so let us help you choose the level of service that’s right for you.

MISTAKE #2: Wrong Number
Many of Essential Couriers’ clients have us pick up at manufacturers. Our drivers go to Will Call, but if they don’t have a Will Call or purchase order number, it’s difficult to find the right package. Then the driver calls the office, we call the client, get the number, get back to Will Call – meanwhile the driver’s wasting time, for which we have to charge.
The solution? Always provide an identifying order number – and double check to make certain it’s accurate.

MISTAKE #3: No Contact
Who’s the package coming from? If it’s not at the front desk, how can we reach them? Especially in large companies, the driver needs the contact’s name and phone number so we can track it down in minutes instead of wasting time – and money – looking for the needle in a corporate haystack.

MISTAKE #4: Secrets
Do we need to go to a back building, through the side door, have a particular person sign? Don’t hide that information! Every order at Essential Couriers has an info box for Special Instructions. If you know there’s a trick to getting the job done, tell us. We’ll eventually figure it out, but that will eat up time and cost you money.

MISTAKE #5: Closed?!?
Some companies close completely for lunch or don’t accept deliveries at certain times. If we go to deliver and no one’s there, we have to send the driver away to do other things and come back for a re-delivery. This incurs additional costs which can easily be avoided by alerting us to scheduled company closures.

By paying attention to these details, you’ll save time, money, and guarantee a smooth delivery experience. Find out more about how Essential Couriers can help you by calling us at: 626-968-8293.

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