Los Angeles Courier Service Builds Business, Takes The Prize

Los Angeles Courier Service

Most business owners think of courier services exclusively in connection with rush delivery of documents. But when anything in your business needs to be transported and you don't have time, the right courier service can prove not only cost-effective, but a boost to your bottom line. For almost 20 years, Karen Wallace has owned and operated Los Angeles Trophy and Awards, where she creates … [Read more...]

When Interstate Express Courier Service Is Essential

nterstate Express Courier Service

When you arrive at your business destination and discover – oops! -- something essential got left behind, sometimes only Interstate Express Courier Service can save the day… and maybe your job. If what you forgot can't be sent by digital means, you need your courier service to deliver the physical material, pronto. Essential Couriers is based in southern California and concentrates on work … [Read more...]

Same Day Courier Service from Pasadena to Arizona to Donuts

Same Day Courier Service

Although Essential Couriers is based in the City of Industry and most of our clients are located in Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley or Orange County, there's no limit to how far we'll go to make same day courier service. A client recently had an urgent problem with a laptop that contained sensitive, proprietary information. The nearest data retrieval company that could help them is located … [Read more...]

Southern California Courier Service Q & A

Southern California Courier Service

As a premier Southern California courier service provider we get asked certain questions all the time: "What's the difference between Direct, Rush, Regular and Economy courier service?" The basic rule of thumb is that the faster we do the delivery, the more expensive it is. We offer four levels of courier service: • DIRECT – pick up in less than 20 minutes and immediate delivery to … [Read more...]

Personal Service in your Courier Service

Personal Courier Service

Personal attention makes all the difference when you need your courier service to deliver on more than just a package. Recently, we got a call from a man in Virginia who found us online. He was desperately trying to buy a highly specialized backpack from a southern California sporting goods store. Unfortunately – actually unbelievably – the company refuses to take orders over the Internet, … [Read more...]

Got a “Delivery Service Oops?” Essential Couriers Make It Right!

Deliver Service - Essential Courier

Missed the drop-off time for Fedex or UPS? Don't panic! Essential Couriers delivery service regularly rescues businesses that just missed the deadline with those other overnight carriers. It happens. A business goes late with a client or underestimates how long it takes to put together a package, so they miss the regular driver. The problem comes when they try to call Fedex or the guys in brown … [Read more...]

EMERGENCY! When Overnight Courier Service Isn’t Fast Enough

When Overnight Courier Service Doesn't Cut It

Emergencies happen. When one hits your business and you need immediate courier delivery support, overnight courier service just won't cut it. That's when a local courier service like Essential Courier can make all the difference between a deadly hit to your bottom line and you getting back up and running, fast. Recently, we received a call at 5:30 on a Friday night from a client that services … [Read more...]

How to Hold Down Courier Service Costs in 2013

Courier Service Costs

Companies that make repeated deliveries to the same location every day can often decrease their courier service costs by analyzing delivery patterns and making minor changes. That's what Essential Couriers did recently for one of our clients – and it's a lesson that can be used other businesses that want to significantly cut their courier service costs. Our client is a medical pharmacy that … [Read more...]

Essential Couriers: Santa’s Ultimate Helpers!

Stressed-out businesses and procrastinating shoppers alike benefit from last-minute holiday deliveries made by Santa's favorite helpers, Essential Couriers. The easiest way to avoid last minute gift delivery insanity is to plan ahead… but let's get real: we all have gifts that we wait too long to send, that fall through the cracks or maybe just need to be delivered at the last possible … [Read more...]

Dog Rescue Gives Thanks for Pasadena’s Essential Courier

During Thanksgiving, we traditionally express gratitude for what we have.  We don't usually consider gratitude when it comes to a courier service, other than being happy that they provide service as advertised.  But sometimes, when Essential Couriers is called upon to go beyond the usual, there's gratitude enough to go around. A while back, we got a call from a dog rescue group in Canada.  … [Read more...]