Hot Bodies and Express Caskets — Scary Deliveries? We’re Not Spooked!

Reliable Delivery Service - Essential Courier

Dealing with the dead can be scary. Yet not even dead bodies or Halloween can rattle the bones of Essential Couriers when it comes to providing service above and beyond the call of duty. When “the Late” Can’t be Late to Their Own Funeral One of our clients, a mortuary, fell behind schedule in cremating a body because of problems getting the death certificate signed and filed. They … [Read more...]

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Essential Courier providing delivery service to client

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Reliable Delivery Service - Essential Courier

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5 Costly Courier Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Essential Courier providing delivery service to client

At Essential Couriers we know that nobody likes to pay more than they have to, so we want you to know how to avoid costly mistakes in booking your same-day deliveries. MISTAKE #1: Overestimating If you require delivery by 5:00, scheduling it for noon can increase your cost by 30-40%. Choose the service level that’s right for the job. At Essential Couriers, we have four levels of … [Read more...]

Essential Couriers: Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

Essential Courier Delivery Van

What do your clients think of the service and products you provide when you messenger materials to them? What problems may be bubbling just below your awareness that might boil over if not addressed? And how valuable would it be for you to have a confidential “heads-up” so you can resolve that situation before it hurts your business? It’s hard to get information from a client about … [Read more...]

Do You Know Where Your Package Is? (At Essential Couriers, the Answer is Always Yes!)

The biggest fear businesses face when entrusting a package to a courier service is that it will disappear without a trace. If your courier service doesn’t employ a proper tracking system (surprisingly, not all of them do!), once the driver picks up a package there’s no way to know where it is, what time it got delivered, if it got delivered, who signed for it – too many things can go wrong. … [Read more...]

When Timing is Everything, Does Your Courier Service Deliver?

Courier services deal in life and death situations. A delay, a mis-delivery or missed delivery can create severe and lasting consequences for an individual or a company. That’s why you must be able to trust that your same-day delivery service will perform with complete accuracy and no unexpected delays. What might go wrong? Consider pharmacies that provide essential medication to long term … [Read more...]