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Dog Rescue Gives Thanks for Pasadena’s Essential Courier

Essential Courier Dog Rescue

During Thanksgiving, we traditionally express gratitude for what we have.  We don’t usually consider gratitude when it comes to a courier service, other than being happy that they provide service as advertised.  But sometimes, when Essential Couriers is called upon to go beyond the usual, there’s gratitude enough to go around.

A while back, we got a call from a dog rescue group in Canada.  They save dogs in the U.S. and Canada who are about to be euthanized, and had identified a dog in the Los Angeles area they wanted to rescue.  By the time the woman in charge of the shelter contacted us, she’d already called many L.A.-area couriers to see if they would help save the dog’s life.  This required not only picking him up, but by hanging onto him for a day or two before shipping him up to Canada.

Much to her shock, everybody said no.  Finally she called us, desperate.  “You’re like the 15th company we’ve called,” she said.  “It’s a dire situation, they’re going to euthanize the dog in 48 hours.  Can you help us?”

Save a dog’s life?  Without hesitation, we told her,  “Absolutely!”  As we coordinated the pick-up, Richard, our operations manager — and an inveterate dog lover — volunteered to take the dog in and make certain he was okay until they could send a volunteer to get him and ship him up to his new life in Canada.

This kind of service is a no-brainer for Essential Couriers.  That’s the benefit of working with a small, local courier service.  Our business model allows us to have a heart because we operate with a flexibility other companies don’t have.  This is but one example of what makes us special.

As we go into the season of gratitude, know that we are grateful for you and your business.  So if we can provide a life-saving service for you, just ask.  At Essential Couriers, we’re small enough to care and large enough to deliver.

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