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Essential Couriers: Santa’s Ultimate Helpers!

Essential Couriers - Santa’s Ultimate Helpers

Stressed-out businesses and procrastinating shoppers alike benefit from last-minute holiday deliveries made by Santa’s favorite helpers, Essential Couriers.

The easiest way to avoid last minute gift delivery insanity is to plan ahead… but let’s get real: we all have gifts that we wait too long to send, that fall through the cracks or maybe just need to be delivered at the last possible moment. So the second-easiest way to get the job done and keep your sanity is to call Essential Couriers.

For example, one of our clients thanks their customers every year by creating 50-60 fragile, highly specialized gift baskets. They like these baskets delivered on Christmas eve. But this year, with Christmas falling on a Tuesday, many businesses will be closed on Monday, December 24.

Not a problem! We plan to make those deliveries on Saturday or Sunday. Essential Couriers is on the job 24/7, whenever our clients need us. We’ll work around your schedule to make it happen exactly the way you want.

What if we get on site and unexpectedly discover that a business is closed? We immediately call the client and ask, “What would you like us to do?” If they come up with an alternative address, nine times out of ten we can accommodate them right away. That’s one of the advantages of working with a locally-based company like ours.

Meanwhile, don’t worry about leaving cookies out for the Essential Courier “elves.” This is the season when we like to visit clients to see how they’re doing, and when we do, we bring you a dozen cookies we baked fresh that morning! One of the advantages of working with a speedy courier is that we can get you delicious, homemade cookies fresh out of the oven, sometimes while they’re still warm. Mmmmm…! It’s our small way of thanking everyone for their business this year, and letting you know we look forward to helping you become even more successful in 2019.

Everyone at Essential Couriers wishes you a happy, safe holiday season and an abundant, productive New Year!

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