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Essential Couriers: Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

What do your clients think of the service and products you provide when you messenger materials to them? What problems may be bubbling just below your awareness that might boil over if not addressed? And how valuable would it be for you to have a confidential “heads-up” so you can resolve that situation before it hurts your business?

It’s hard to get information from a client about what’s bothering them until they’ve reached a critical mass of annoyance, even anger. That’s why Essential Couriers provides a confidential feedback service for all our clients.

How does it work? We instruct our drivers to pay attention to what’s going on when they make a delivery. Does someone complain directly to them about our client’s product? Do they overhear a conversation expressing dissatisfaction with your service? You need to know this valuable information if you’re to keep your customers happy. That’s why our drivers let us know immediately if they hear anything that might help our clients head off a problem.

For example, some of our clients are in medically-related businesses – pharmacies, hospitals, long term health or skilled nursing facilities. Our drivers deliver medication on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times to the same facility, and get to know the personnel. Sometimes they’ll be told that a medicine shipped late, was wrong or packaged incorrectly, or overhear nurses complaining that something was unsatisfactory. Back in the van, the driver will immediately write it down, then let our central office know. We relay the information back to our client. That way, they get to do proactive customer service to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes an issue.

The “big guys” who deliver have gotten so big, they’re unable to provide this kind of personalized service. We actually know our clients and care about each of them. We consider ourselves an extension of the services you already provide, your partners. Our goal is not to be a “snitch,” but to relay what we learn from your customers so you can provide better service.

We want your business to succeed because then our business succeeds. That’s why there’s always an advantage to working with a company like Essential Couriers, because we are small enough to care, big enough to deliver.

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