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Got a “Delivery Service Oops?” Essential Couriers Make It Right!

Delivery Service Essential Courier.

Missed the drop-off time for Fedex or UPS? Don’t panic! Essential Couriers delivery service regularly rescues businesses that just missed the deadline with those other overnight carriers.

It happens. A business goes late with a client or underestimates how long it takes to put together a package, so they miss the regular driver. The problem comes when they try to call Fedex or the guys in brown to come back and pick up. That’s not the way those companies operate. The drivers have moved on down their route, they’re no longer in the area and can’t turn around to accommodate you.

When that happens, Essential Couriers has two ways to help save the day and make certain your overnight delivery gets handled on time.

First: call us as soon as you discover the problem. If your package needs to go interstate, we’ll deliver to your delivery service. There are actually a few Fedex and UPS facilities that will accept late drop-offs. We’ll pick up from you ASAP and rush to the closest site that’s still open. If necessary, we can run your package all the way to LAX to meet their drop-dead drop-off time, around 8 p.m. (Just don’t make this part of your business plan; it’s too risky!)

Essential Couriers delivery service has ways to help save the day for you and your business

If the delivery is in southern California, even better. We can pick up from you whenever you’re ready – and we mean any time, no matter if it’s 10 p.m. or 4 a.m. Then we’ll get the package into your client’s hands within five minutes of the designated time, even if it’s outside of regular business hours.

For example, escrow companies often work late getting a client’s signature on loan documents, and by the time they finished, they’ve missed the cut-off time for normal delivery services. Many of these loans charge a fee if the documentation is late – as much as a few hundred dollars per day!

We treat every package like it’s the most important package there is.

We work with escrow companies that understand that they can’t wait that extra day. They’ve learned that for the cost of a Rush or Direct courier delivery, the escrow documents will get delivered the next day, saving literally hundreds of dollars in per diem fees.

So the next time you run late, give Essential Couriers a call. We treat every package like it’s the most important package there is, so that you, the client, receive personalized courier delivery service — on time and to your specifications. And we have nothing against picking up and delivering packages that carry some other service’s logos. In fact, it kinda makes us smile.

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