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Hot Bodies and Express Caskets — Scary Deliveries? We’re Not Spooked!

Hot-Bodies and Express Caskets

Dealing with the dead can be scary. Yet not even dead bodies or Halloween can rattle the bones of Essential Couriers when it comes to providing service above and beyond the call of duty.

When “the Late” Can’t be Late to Their Own Funeral

One of our clients, a mortuary, fell behind schedule in cremating a body because of problems getting the death certificate signed and filed. They couldn’t start cremation until the morning of the service. Panicked, they sent us to the crematorium to pick up what was left of the body. (We usually just handle paperwork for them. Honest!)

Our driver received hot ashes, straight from the oven (in an urn, of course!) and rushed them over to where the family was waiting. The moment he handed off the still-hot ashes, the funeral service began. He got it handled in the nick of time.

Heartless Morticians, Express Caskets

Another client sells caskets over the Internet, providing buyers with express delivery within 24 hours. Apparently, some mortuaries don’t take kindly to losing the insane mark-up they receive on caskets… and they have scary ways to take it out on bargain-hunting mourners.

We were delivering an Internet-ordered casket to one such mortuary. When we arrived, it became clear that they would do nothing to help. They expected the grieving family to receive the casket and prepare it for the body! Now, these caskets weigh a few hundred pounds and the clients were all women bearing the burden of deep grief. Our driver was in disbelief as to how much of a jerk this funeral home’s rep was being to these people who’d just lost a loved one… and were clients as well.

Normally, our job is to just pick up a package and deliver it. But our driver was so outraged that he borrowed a cart from the mortuary, unloaded the casket, pushed it where it needed to go, unwrapped it and discarded all the trash. Then he expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family and left, knowing he’d made their lives a little easier on a very difficult day.

So no matter how dire or deadly your delivery challenge may seem, know that none of it scares us. Essential Couriers: Small enough to care, big enough to deliver… and fearless, even in the face of Halloween!

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