Los Angeles Courier Service Builds Business, Takes The Prize

Los Angeles Courier Service

Most business owners think of courier services exclusively in connection with rush delivery of documents. But when anything in your business needs to be transported and you don’t have time, the right courier service can prove not only cost-effective, but a boost to your bottom line.

For almost 20 years, Karen Wallace has owned and operated Los Angeles Trophy and Awards, where she creates personalized acknowledgements of achievement as well as business promotional products. Until recently, she utilized UPS or Fedex to order materials and products from distant vendors, but drove to local suppliers and clients herself. She says she liked the personal touch of making her own deliveries of finished products, enjoying the interplay with satisfied clients.

The right Los Angeles Courier Service can prove not only cost-effective, but a boost to your bottom line.

“Sometimes when I deliver, I’ll set up awards for the clients on a table, organized by category as it would be on the backstage presenter’s table,” she said. “It was part of my service to guarantee that everything was done correctly and to the client’s satisfaction.”

But because of the time involved, too often this personal attention got in the way of building her business. Especially when creating last-minute awards for corporations or the entertainment industry, Karen found herself under the gun to complete all the rush orders and still provide deliveries herself.

“Awards prove unpredictable when it comes to scheduling,” she said. “People plan an entire event, say an end of baseball season ceremony or someone’s retirement party, and suddenly realize they forgot to order the awards. Often it’s the last thing the organizers think about and that’s where I would often run into trouble.” The rush jobs jammed up her schedule, and even with several assistants to help, the lack of lead time would have her working 20-hour days to accommodate these last-minute orders. At times, she was forced to turn down work because she had no time to get everything done.

It’s ironic, because in an earlier career, when she worked for a law firm, she used courier service all the time – but only for documents and filings. Karen laughs as she recalls, “It was a real blind spot. I attend networking groups and had heard repeatedly about Essential Couriers, but never once gave a thought to having a Los Angeles courier service pick up or deliver trophies or promotional products.”

Los Angeles Courier Service Makes an Emergency Difference

All that changed last year when Karen found herself needing to make an awards drop-off and pick up a check in downtown Los Angeles. “No one else was available and I was supposed to be heading out of town. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed – and that’s when I decided to try Essential Couriers.” In short order, the Los Angeles courier service delivered the awards and returned with the check. No problems.

Karen was hooked. She began using the Los Angeles courier service regularly to pick up materials, deliver special orders and, in many cases, return with the payment.

Courier Service Builds Her Business Bottom Line

This past June, Karen received a sudden flurry of orders. “I would have had to turn down about four or five jobs if I didn’t have Essential Couriers,” she said. “In one instance, the courier picked up material from my crystal supplier, delivered it to me, came back two hours later, picked up the finished trophy and delivered it to the client. What’s great is that while he went for the crystal, I was able to create the artwork and manage all the other aspects of the job. I wouldn’t have had that time if I was still doing the driving.”

Since working with Essential Couriers, Karen has seen her business grow. “I have a lot more free time that I can devote to networking and working on business instead of in the business,” she said. “It really shows in my bottom line.” She laughs as she continues, “When you call them, they’re so fast it’s uncanny. Sometimes they’ve shown up to pick up an award before I’ve had a chance to make it! Often they arrive within five or ten minutes, which is astonishing given L.A.’s size and traffic. I can’t figure out how they do it.”

Using this Los Angeles courier service makes her life easier. “A few weeks ago, I had to attend a funeral in Orange County and also needed to drop off an order at J. W. Mariotte downtown, so I figured I make the delivery on my way down there. But I was stuck in freeway traffic at a dead stop. The funeral wouldn’t wait and I was going to be late – and then I realized I didn’t have to be stuck. It inched off the freeway ramp and called Essential Couriers on my cell. By the time I got back to my shop, the driver was already waiting. I gave him the package and headed off, knowing my business would be taken care of without my direct involvement.”

After 20 years of do-it-herself deliveries, Karen Wallace now can’t imagine not utilizing this Los Angeles courier service. “Using Essential Couriers relieves a lot of stress and helps me get more work out the door in the course of a day.” She smiles at the thought. “I should start a fan club.”

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