Same Day Courier Service from Pasadena to Arizona to Donuts

Same Day Courier ServiceAlthough Essential Couriers is based in the City of Industry and most of our clients are located in Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley or Orange County, there’s no limit to how far we’ll go to make same day courier service.

A client recently had an urgent problem with a laptop that contained sensitive, proprietary information. The nearest data retrieval company that could help them is located in Arizona and they needed their services ASAP. When we picked up the laptop, our client insisted that it could not be allowed out of the driver’s sight. No problem! He drove straight through, keeping the laptop in full sight at all times, and dropped it off that night before turning around and heading back.

Essential Couriers Goes the Extra Mile with our same day courier service.

At the same time, we regularly provide local courier service, most notably within Pasadena. Two of our Pasadena-based clients, Raytheon and Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), need to exchange written materials several times a week. Given the high priority, national security work done by both of these major government contractors, it’s crucial that their documents get transported quickly and delivered into the proper hands. Whether it’s papers that need to be physically signed or information that proves too sensitive to be sent over the Internet, we provide secure delivery between these two Pasadena companies.

Sometimes, the distance we’re willing to go isn’t in miles, but in service. A client in New York wanted some fresh donuts bought, picked up and delivered to his client. He’d already been turned down by several Pasadena courier services by the time he found us on the Internet. We printed out the special letter he sent us to include with the delivery, bought the donuts along with some chocolate milk, and delivered it in time for morning coffee.

We’re always willing to go as far as we need to go to serve our clients’ needs, be it in distance or in service. We base our rates on mileage, so the greater the distance, the more expensive it is. But when the need is urgent and you’ve got to get the job done now, you can bet dollars to donuts that Essential Couriers can handle all your delivery needs from Pasadena to Arizona – or beyond.


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