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Southern California Courier Service Q & A

As a premier Southern California courier service provider we get asked certain questions all the time:

“What’s the difference between Direct, Rush, Regular and Economy courier service?”

The basic rule of thumb is that the faster we do the delivery, the more expensive it is. We offer four levels of courier service:

• DIRECT – pick up in less than 20 minutes and immediate delivery to the destination with no stops

• RUSH – pick up and delivery within 2 hours

• REGULAR – pick up and delivery within 4 hours

• ECONOMY – If the order is placed before 10 a.m., it is picked up and delivered in less than 6 hours.

One of these will be right for you.

“How do I determine what level of delivery service is best for me?”

Service level depends on the urgency and nature of the package. For example, one of our clients is a landscaping firm that does bid proposals for large jobs with cities, corporations and schools. A bid must be received by a specific time; if it gets there one second late, it’s disqualified. These are multi-million dollar jobs, so the last thing any company wants is for their courier service to waste months of research and planning by delivering it late.

Southern California Courier Service level depends on the urgency and nature of the package.

Once we know we’ll be carrying a bid, we check the map to determine the length of the drive. We always do bids on Direct with no stops between pick up and delivery, and let the company know when it has to have the package ready in order to guarantee its arrival before the cut-off time. To be safe, we pad the drive time by an hour or two to accommodate unexpected freeway traffic, accidents or closures. Of course, we always inform the client why we’re adding to the time, so they understand that we’re acting in their best interests.

On the other end of the spectrum some clients, such as real estate agents or escrow companies, just need delivery before close of business. For them, we recommend Economy or Regular, which saves them the most money. We’re always work with clients to determine the level of service that’s right for them. They’re happy with the way we help them save money while getting documents into their clients’ hands in a timely manner.

“Other courier companies charge us travel time to the pick-up location; do you?”

No. Why not? Because it’s ludicrous! At Essential Couriers, we use a simple and direct system for charging: from where we pick up the package to where it is being delivered, on a per-mile basis. We find this “Point A to Point B” billing the most accurate and fairest way to charge a client.

Whatever level of service you require, Essential Couriers can handle it. We have been providing outstanding Southern California courier service for over 20 years.

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