When Interstate Express Courier Service Is Essential

Interstate Express Courier ServiceWhen you arrive at your business destination and discover – oops! — something essential got left behind, sometimes only Interstate Express Courier Service can save the day… and maybe your job. If what you forgot can’t be sent by digital means, you need your courier service to deliver the physical material, pronto.

Essential Couriers is based in southern California and concentrates on work within a 250 mile radius of our Los Angeles / Pasadena home base. But when the situation calls for it, we can deliver to Nevada, Arizona, Utah, even as far away as Texas.

Consider these factors when out-of-state delivery is necessary to get you out of a jam:

  • When is the package ready for pick-up and where is it going? The clearer you are, the more closely we can estimate of how long it will take and when it can be expected to arrive. At Essential Couriers, we work with our clients who call for Instate Express Delivery Service and give them the best case scenarios: a realistic time for delivery and what it’s going to cost. We always factor in a bit of leeway to cover traffic jams, road closures, bad weather and a few necessary driver breaks. Any unexpected problems come up, we call the client immediately and inform them, so there’s never any question about where the package is.
  • By when does the package have to arrive? Can it wait for start of business or does it need to get into the appropriate hands ASAP, no matter the hour? Either way, we’ll pick up and drive the materials straight through to the destination.
  • But you may have other options, and if so, we want you to know them. If the package is small and we get called during normal business hours, we often advise clients that they could overnight it. The package might arrive a few hours later than with Interstate Express Courier Service, but utilizing this system could save the client a few hundred dollars or more. Of course, if they want the special care and guaranteed delivery of Interstate Express Courier Service, we’re happy to provide it. Trust that we always look out for our clients in regard to cost savings while providing quick, reliable service.
  • Security for sensitive materials. For out-of-state deliveries with Essential Couriers, your package passes through a single set of hands from pick-up to delivery, so there’s no chance of it getting damaged or going astray. One of our long term clients is in the entertainment business and needs to transport materials too sensitive to be trusted to digital transfer or overnight services. His home office is in Los Angeles but he works a lot out of Las Vegas. When he needs Interstate Express Courier Service to pick up in Las Vegas, rather than trusting a local company he calls Essential Couriers and we send a van. After 18 years of working with us, he trusts that we’ll get the job done on time with no problems.
  • Overnight or other courier services may deliver the package on time, but that doesn’t guarantee the client is going to be able to get it. For example, a client recently called us from Las Vegas in a panic. She’d left some personal items she desperately needed back in Los Angeles, one of them being her ID. We went to her residence, where someone gave us the items, then drove directly to the Las Vegas hotel where she was staying. Before he driver arrived, the client called our dispatch to let them know she had just gone to a dinner show. She gave us her room number and said the driver should just leave the package with the Bell Captain. The driver dropped her items off at the bell desk, but before jumping back in the van for the drive home he asked the Bell Captain what she would have to do to claim it. “No problem,” the man said. “All she has to do is show us her ID.” Of course, her ID was part of the package he’d just delivered, meaning her final receipt of the items would be a hassle if not an impossibility.

Interstate express delivery service will prove far more cost effective than express air freight

To avoid any problems, the driver waited 90 minutes until the show let out. Then he called to let her know what was going on. When she returned to the hotel, he gave her the claim ticket and made certain she was able to retrieve her package from the bell desk before heading back to Los Angeles. If her package had been sent overnight, without an ID, getting it released would have been a nightmare.

Understand that there’s a limit as to the cost effectiveness of Interstate Express Courier Service. At Essential Couriers, if you want us to drive 2,000 miles, we’ll drive 2,000 miles, but it will be costly. Then again, if you need to transport a 3,000 pound piece of equipment in the shortest possible time, interstate express delivery service will prove far more cost effective than express air freight. We’ll always let you know ahead of time what the cost is going to be and we only charge for one direction, point A to point B; no matter the distance, the return is on us.


If you need further information on Interstate Express Courier Service, give us a call at: 626-968-8293.


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