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When Timing is Everything, Does Your Courier Service Deliver?

Does-Your Courier Service Deliver

Courier services deal in life and death situations. A delay, a mis-delivery or missed delivery can create severe and lasting consequences for an individual or a company. That’s why you must be able to trust that your same-day delivery service will perform with complete accuracy and no unexpected delays.

What might go wrong? Consider pharmacies that provide essential medication to long term care facilities, hospitals and individual patients. Pharmacies can’t afford delays or mistakes with human life and health on the line. Deliveries to home-bound patients frequently need to coordinate with scheduled visits by a nurse. If the courier service is late – or wrong — the nurse can’t do her job and has to reschedule, while the patient doesn’t receive medication on time. The results? At minimum, inconvenience and expense; at worst, a possibly life-threatening medical emergency.

When laboratories test for environmental contaminants, samples remain accurate for only a short time. Municipal water tests, in particular, must be picked up in the field and rushed to the lab before sample quality deteriorates. Delays by a courier could lead to a degraded sample and inaccurate lab results, potentially exposing the community to toxins, parasites or water-borne illnesses.

Sometimes the life-and-death situation applies to your business. Say you’ve spent long hours putting together a bid on a major project that could sustain your company for months, if not years. Bids have a cut-off time and date; if your bid is not delivered before the deadline, you’re out of the running and all your hard work becomes null and void. Why risk all those hours of work and the survival of your company on a courier service with less than reliable results?

Essential Couriers has developed multi-check systems to guarantee on-time delivery with accuracy trusted by pharmacies, laboratories and businesses of all sizes. With competitive rates and a 19-year record of satisfied customers, Essential Couriers knows how to deliver. Call us at: 888-678-7874.

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